Condemned House - Can You Sell It In Jacksonville, FL?

Do you have a condemned house? Are you willing to sell it in Jacksonville? If yes, you may struggle to find the best real estate agent in Jacksonville who can sell your house at a good price. But we suggest you always sell the condemned house to direct buyers.

However, if you cannot sell your house as-is, there is nothing to worry about because you can sell it to us. We buy the condemned houses as-is in Jacksonville. This ultimately means you can sell your house without worrying about the clean-up and repairs.

Sell Your Condemned House Easily, Stress-Free and Fast!
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Condemned House Selling In Jacksonville, FL

These days, most people in Jacksonville think that most of the condemned houses got demolished because they are useless and have gone too far. However, this is true for many houses but only for some. Various houses in Jacksonville, Florida, can be saved with a bit of effort. But remember, this process is not easy; it requires proper attention, money, and time. 

Everyone knows that one can sell their condemned house in Jacksonville according to the laws. But it becomes hard for a homeowner to sell their house in as-is conditions. In most cases, a seller only gets a justified price if their property is repaired properly and has passed all the inspections conducted by the local authorities. 

Everyone knows a house’s renovation cost is so high that every person cannot afford it. In such cases, where a property cannot be repaired properly, you will not get a value of the structure. Instead, an owner has to sell theirs properly as a piece of land

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If you are willing to sell your condemned house in Jacksonville, then there are various other things to know about. Here you will get to know everything from why the houses are tagged and how to sell such houses at great prices. Stay tuned if you want to know the answers to such questions. 

What Do You Mean By A Condemned House?

A building or house is considered condemned when the local government marks it as unsafe. In simple words, when the building is old enough or does not fulfill the security requirements, it is considered a condemned house. Surprisingly, a new house can also be condemned if a contractor has not followed the security guidelines while constructing a building. 

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Whenever local authorities of Jacksonville mark a house as condemned, they seal it and do not allow anyone to enter the house; even the owner of the house is restricted. However, after significant repairs, it can be reused for living if it passes all the inspections of local authorities, but the process of repairing consumes a lot of time and money. 

Most people see a condemned house with a vision of a lost cause, but it isn’t. Depending on the reason why the house got tagged condemned, it can possibly be removed from this tag. Usually, condemned houses are challenging to sell compared to regular houses. 

Why Houses Reach To The Condemned Condition In Jacksonville, FL?

There is not one reason behind the condemned status of a house; instead, multiple factors contribute to making a house condemned. Although the rules and regulations are depended on the location of the house in Jacksonville, some most common reasons for getting a house condemned are:

  • Usually, the property gets condemned when the owners have not been using it for more than 180 days. 
  • Hazard issues are the reason for this problem. Sometimes properties are unsanitary and may have black mold and other infestation issues. 
  • The location of the house may have some specific hazards.
  • Structural damage caused due to water, storm, or water damage. This can also happen due to deterioration. 
  • A house may have a lack of necessary facilities such as water, sewer, and electricity. 
  • A property may be used for illegal activities, such s for manufacturing of drugs and toxins. 
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Remember, a house is never marked as “condemned” based on one reason. There are always multiple reasons and hazards; therefore, it is marked as condemned. Also, in some cases, a government labels a house as condemned because they want to use that space for their projects such as:

  • Schools 
  • Airports 
  • Highways

The eminent domain authority mainly does this process. Although they will give compensation to the homeowners, it is still a headache for owners. Also, the owners never get the exact value of their house. In such cases, the owners have no other option left other than giving it to the government at a lower price. 

Sell Your Condemned House Easily, Stress-Free and Fast!
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How Much Time does the Process Of Condemning Take In Jacksonville, FL?

In most cases, the condemnation process is very time-consuming; it may even take weeks to months, depending on why the house is being condemned. Also, multiple legal hearings happen and check the rules and regulations of the municipality.
The property owner will get a notice from higher authorities that their house will be condemned because it violates certain codes related to safety and health. Also, in some cases, the neighbors are informed that the property is condemned, and owners have to fit it in as soon as possible.

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According to the municipality and other local authorities, the house only gets condemned when the homeowner does not make the corrections. Usually, a house owner gets thirty to sixty days for repair; during this period, he has to do all the repairs and request local authorities to come and inspect the house and apply for a new government permit if it meets all the requirements. 

This is why most homeowners prefer selling their houses to direct buyers or investors because repairing and meeting the government’s requirements costs much more than a middle-class person cannot afford. If your house fails to meet the requirements even after the repairs, then the authorities will officially title it uninhabitable, making it almost impossible to sell. 

What If When A Home Is Deemed Uninhabitable In Jacksonville, FL?

When the country’s government deems a house condemned or uninhabitable in Jacksonville, FL, all householders need to instantly leave the house. In addition, all signs are posted on uninhabitable houses or properties to alert people who live around that house that this property is condemned. 

In most cases, the government shuts down the house’s utilities in order to ensure that no one is allowed to live in the house as it is condemned. However, if the property is dilapidated or hazardous, it will be demolished as per the government’s rules. 

In addition, the uninhabitable property is seized by utilizing eminent domain. The reason for demolishing the house is to start the construction of a public project. 

Sell Your Condemned House Easily, Stress-Free and Fast!

Is It Possible To Still Live In An Uninhabitable House In Jacksonville, FL?

The house isn’t appropriate for an occupation; that’s why it is condemned. Therefore, people often can’t live in these houses in Jacksonville, FL, due to the government’s rules. However, it can also depend on the particular location of your house.
It is advisable to hire a lawyer in Jacksonville, FL, if you face this kind of issue. The reason is that they have great knowledge, so they will fight for your rights when you deal with the condemnation problem.

In addition, you may also directly speak with the government to get back your home. 

Also, in some cases, visitors, such as trespassers, squatters, and vandals, are unwelcome due to the rules and regulations of the local government. If you want to avoid such a situation, then there are only two ways left:

  • Sell the house as-is. 
  • Repair is properly according to the government’s requirements.

Is It Easy To Sell A Condemned House In Jacksonville, FL?

Although one can sell their condemned house depending on location in Jacksonville, remember it is not at all easy. Only two ways are left for you if you want to sell your condemned house in Jacksonville. 

First, you have to do all the corrections on the property asked by the local authorities. In simple words, you must make all the necessary repairs in the houses needed that meet all the local guidelines so that your house can be in an acceptable condition. 

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After the repair is over, apply an application and request the government authorities to inspect the house. When they approve it, you can sell the house as every normal house owner does. But remember, after such a situation, you cannot mortgage the house; therefore, consider selling it to a direct buyer, who can pay you full payment in cash. 

However, if you cannot afford repair expenses, consider selling your house as-is. This is only suggested if you have not made any repairs. Selling as-is refers to the condition when the owner sells the house in the as-is condition without repairing it. 

But as is, you will not get the value for the structure; instead, a buyer will only pay the value for the land. Usually, investors prefer buying the condemned property as-is, then demolishing it and building a new building in the same place.


Usually, local authorities of the city have the power to condemn the house, but if the property is Uninhabitable by the eminent domain, then the situation is entirely different. Until the government transfers the ownership of the property to public property, the owner can’t even sell the house as is. 

But the best part about eminent domain is that they give compensation for the property, which is also called a pro-tanto award. The government will give you an offer according to the market value of the property.

However, if you think you can make more money by declining the government offer, then you are wrong. You have to accept the offer; otherwise, the case will go to court. This is why the eminent condemnation process is daunting. 

Sell Your Condemned House Easily, Stress-Free and Fast!

A Brief guide on selling a condemned property in Jacksonville

Do you have a condiment house in Jacksonville? You may be struggling to sell it in the local market. However, it is not much compelled; you only need to do a renovation and major repairs to declare it habitat again. After doing, this, you will get the most.

Check Out the Violations

 All the codes your property violates are sent to you in the form of a letter by the Jacksonville government for thru condition of your house. 

If you want to make your house habitat again, then you must take action again every code violation written in the letter, such as

  • Treating infestation 
  • Black mold removal 
  • Decluttering

You have to hire contractors depending on the situation of the house. For example, if only a few house parts need repair, one can easily fix them by hiring a local contractor. 

Make sure to complete all the necessary repairs so that your house can pass the inspection or local authorities

House with unsafe notice

Go through a major renovation

Usually, a house is only titled condemned when it needs significant renovation and repairs, such as structural repairs. In such significant faults, hiring an ordinary local contractor is not enough. To deal with such problems, you may need to hire a professional architect who can redraw the plant for your house before you sell it.

Hiring an architect will lose you much more, which is not worth it for most properties. You may even have to pay the extra amount for the government permit if a renovation is using electrical systems. We suggest you not make the repairs if the reselling cost of the house is lower than the market price even after repairing.

Home renovation

Once the higher authorities approve your plan, you will be issued a necessary permit. This ultimately means that now you can start finding the person who will renovate your house.

Remember, the local authorities will come and inspect whether you are following the permit or not. If you follow all the guidelines, only the authorities will issue the certificate of occupancy. Without this certificate, you cannot sell your house for a living.

Renovate Condemned House in Jacksonville

Guide How to Renovate a Condemned House in 2023

Before diving into renovating a condemned house, it’s essential to understand that tackling such a project requires significant time, effort, and resources.

Cost Of Renovating A Home In Jacksonville

Renovating a home in Jacksonville typically costs between $10,000 and $100,000. This range can vary based on your specific needs, the size of your home, the project’s scope, appliances, and the quality of materials.

Expect to spend between $10 and $80 per square foot for a comprehensive renovation. However, remodeling projects focusing on the kitchen or bathroom tend to be more expensive, ranging from $130 to $275 per square foot.

While renovating a condemned property can be challenging, with meticulous planning, a strong commitment, and cost-effective strategies, you can breathe new life into the house and turn it into a desirable home.

You can successfully renovate a condemned house without breaking the bank by carefully considering your budget, making informed choices, and seeking out potential savings. Here’s a how-to guide to help you navigate the renovation process while keeping costs in check:

Step 1: Consult with local authorities

First, get in touch with the local building department and zoning office to discuss the condemnation and potential renovation of the property.

Ensure you understand the specific requirements and regulations for rehabilitating a condemned house.

Step 2: Obtain necessary permits

Once you’ve consulted with local authorities, secure the required renovation permits.

Depending on the project’s scope, this may include building, plumbing, electrical, and other permits.

Obtain necessary permits

Step 3: Develop a renovation plan

Craft a detailed renovation plan that outlines the work to be done, estimated costs, and timelines.

Consult with architects, engineers, and contractors to ensure your plan complies with all applicable building codes and regulations.

Renovation plan

Step 4: Assemble a professional team

Hire a team of experienced professionals, including contractors, electricians, plumbers, and other specialists, to execute the renovation plan.

Choose a reliable and reputable team to ensure the project runs smoothly and efficiently.

Step 5: Address structural issues

Start the renovation by addressing structural problems, such as foundation repairs, replacing damaged support beams, and fixing termite or pest infestations.

Structural issues

Step 6: Update plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems

Next, update the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems to meet current safety standards and improve the overall efficiency and comfort of the house.

Step 7: Insulate and weatherproof the house

Ensure that the home is properly insulated and weatherproofed to prevent future damage and minimize energy costs.

Step 8: Complete interior and exterior renovations

Once the major systems and structural issues have been addressed, focus on interior and exterior renovations, including new flooring, walls, windows, doors, roofing, and siding.

This is also the time to update the kitchen, bathrooms, and other living spaces.

Exterior renovations

Step 9: Final inspections and approvals

After completing the renovations, schedule final inspections with local authorities to ensure that the work meets all applicable building codes and regulations.

Obtain the necessary approvals and certificates of occupancy before moving in or listing the property for sale.

Conclusion of the Renovation Guide

Renovating a condemned house is a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. Following this step-by-step guide, you can transform a previously uninhabitable property into a beautiful, functional, and valuable home in Jacksonville, FL.

However, if you need to get up for the challenge of renovating a condemned house, remember that we’re here to help! We buy condemned houses for cash, offering you a hassle-free solution to quickly sell your property.

Select a suitable way of selling

If you are willing to sell your condemned house in Jacksonville, FL, then you are only left with three options: for sale y owners, real estate agents, and cash home buyers. Select one among them that fulfills your demand and provides you with the best price.

Real estate agents

Most people prefer real-estate agents in Jacksonville for selling their condemned house because they are professionals who know exactly how to sell the house at the best value in less time. As a beginner, agents are the best choice because they will try to give you a fair price according to the market value. 

Remember, they will price your property after cutting the approximate amount you will have to invest in repairing and renovating. Also, they help homeowners find real buyers and shoulder the negotiation to sell the property at a fair price.

Real estate agent show house to a couple

However, these agents do not work for you for free. Instead, you have to pay them the fees, which average around 6% of the sales price throughout Jacksonville. After paying such agents, you also have to bear expenses such as marketing, paying off the mortgage, and renovations, so you will be left with a very left profit. This is why most people do not prefer hiring such agents.

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Real Estate Investors or Cash Home Buyers

Cash home buyers are the best options for some people who need urgent money. They are the only one who buys the property and pays the cash instantly. Usually, such investors are very fast in dealing; they will most likely provide you with a fair cash offer according to the property’s market price

Generally, most real estate investors have a permanent repairing team. This means after purchasing your condiment house as-is, they will renovate it and either sell it or keep it with them as a rental property, making a source of income.

Cash for house

Even if the property has gone too far and cannot be considered an inhabitant structure anymore, they will buy the property with a vision of demolishing it and creating a new building on the same land. But remember, you will not be paid for this structure. Instead, they will only pay for the land value according to the market price. 

The best part about real estate investors is that they also eliminate the expenses of commission and closing costs. As they are the ultimate buyers, you will not have to spend thousands of dollars on marketing your condiment property; also, it will eliminate the taxes on selling the house

Cash buyers are best for those selling a fire damaged house.

For sale by owner

This simply refers to selling your house by yourself without the involvement of a real estate agent or any other person. Usually, it is very challenging to sell the property with these methods because you have to do all the work yourself. 

Also, there is a high chance that you will not be the customer or get an adequate property rate according to the market price. This is why it is the least considered method of selling the condemned in Jacksonville, FL. 

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Sell Your Condemned House Easily, Stress-Free and Fast!

Top Questions Related To the Condemned House Selling In Jacksonville

Can I sell my condemned house in Jacksonville, Florida?

Yes, you can sell your condemned house in Jacksonville, Florida, but finding a buyer can be more challenging due to the property's condition and potential liabilities. Cash buyers (like we are) may be more willing to purchase a condemned property as they are often prepared to take on riskier properties.

What is the process for selling a condemned house?

Selling a condemned house in Jacksonville, Florida, can be more complex than a traditional sale, as the property may have liens, violations, or other legal issues to resolve. Working with a real estate attorney who can guide you through the process and ensure that all necessary disclosures and requirements are met is important.

How can I sell my condemned house fast in Jacksonville, FL?

To sell a condemned house fast in Jacksonville, Florida, consider working with a cash buyer who can make an offer and close the sale quickly without financing or lengthy inspections.

Will a cash buyer make an offer on my condemned house in Jacksonville, Florida?

Yes, a cash buyer may be willing to make an offer on your condemned house in Jacksonville, but the offer may be lower than the market value due to the property's condition and potential repair costs.

What are the risks of selling a condemned house?

Selling a condemned house in Jacksonville, Florida, can come with risks such as potential liability for injuries or damages caused by the property, legal issues such as outstanding liens or violations, and potential negative impact on neighboring property values. Working with a professional who can help you navigate these risks is important.

Do I need to disclose that my house is condemned when selling it in Jacksonville, FL?

Yes, you are legally required to disclose any known defects or hazards of the property, including the condemnation status, when selling a house in Jacksonville, Florida. Failure to disclose this information can result in legal and financial consequences.

What documents do I need to sell my condemned house in Jacksonville, FL?

To sell your condemned house in Jacksonville, Florida, you must provide documents such as the property deed, inspection reports, outstanding liens or violations, and any disclosures required by local laws. Working with a professional who can help you ensure that all necessary documents are in order is important.

How long does it take to sell a condemned house in Jacksonville?

The time it takes to sell a condemned house in Jacksonville can vary depending on factors such as the property's condition, the complexity of legal issues, and the availability of interested buyers. Working with a cash buyer can often expedite the process.

What should I do to prepare my condemned house for sale?

Depending on the condition of your condemned house in Jacksonville, Florida, you may need to remove debris, clear out any personal belongings, and address any outstanding safety or health hazards before putting the property up for sale. Working with a professional who can advise you on necessary repairs and improvements can also be helpful.


Remember, condemned houses are not always worthless. Depending on their condition, they can either be repaired or sold, and the owners will get some value out of them. Usually, the owners of such houses feel very stressed and are under pressure. 

The process of rehabilitating a condemned house in Jacksonville will cost you much, which does not make sense. We suggest you sell this type of property as-is to the direct cash buyers instead of spending on the repairing of such houses – contact us right here. Also, there are some Legal rights for homeowners facing condemnation. To know such rights, you must go to the local lawyer.