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How Can You Sell Your Land By Yourself In Jacksonville, FL?

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How Can You Sell Your Land By Yourself In Jacksonville Florida

Are you thinking of selling your land by yourself? This is a very reasonable way to help you keep your commission fees and other related expenses low. If you have a property or land in Jacksonville and want to sell it on your own, then there are various things that you need to keep in your mind.

These important things can help you greatly in getting the best deal. Also, selling land is not similar to that selling a house. There is much difference between the two. Therefore, you need to remember those differences and then move further by estimating the expenses incurred on the selling procedure.

The selling of land by the owner comes up with certain decisions which are highly responsible for affecting the overall process. Also, those decisions help get the deal fast if taken properly and timely.

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How to Sell the Land?

Parcel Number

There is a parcel number for every property in Jacksonville, whether homes or hunting shacks. The number tells you about various things which are highly helpful. This includes property size (in acres), the exact name of the property, assessed value, and property boundary lines through a map.

The Deed

There is a requirement to record the official documents in Jacksonville, Florida, which the court clerk should do. They keep check on maintaining the records like deeds to real estate. The clerk is another county of government. Several counties offer a great deal based on official deeds or records.

As this is a legal document, you must carefully locate the deed. If there are already any property owners listed on the deed, the property will undergo probate. It is a legal process that comes up with dollars of expenses. 

Sale Agreement

Purchase and Sale Agreement

A contract is made between the seller and the buyer, known as a purchase and sale agreement. The agreement must be simple, straightforward, and easily fitting documents included.

Both the seller and the buyer should sign the agreement. The title company would be there with the required information and act as the middleman. The purchase and sale agreement is one of the important parts of the deal which must be done properly. It includes various important items which need to write correctly:

  • Parcel number – defines the correct property which is being sold. It should be written on the agreement for the exact identification of the property. 
  • Name of buyers – the name and mailing address of the buyer should be there on the agreement. 
  • Name of property owners as per the deed – the name of the land’s current owner should be written on the deed. 
  • Closing date – this is the estimated and agreed date on which the transaction should be fulfilled. Usually, one to three weeks is taken for all the formalities and paperwork. 
  • Purchase price – the amount which is to be paid for the land. It should be written on the agreement. 
  • Deposit, if any – if any closing costs or property tax is included, then that should also be disclosed on the agreement. 
  • Who will be liable for the closing cost – the agreed terms that will pay the closing costs should be there. 
  • Who will be liable for paying property taxes – the agreed terms that will pay the property taxes should be written in the agreement. 
Selling Of Land

Tips for Private Selling Of Land

Here are some important tips if you want to sell your land privately in Jacksonville, FL. The tips help you get the best deal in a specific period. It would be best if you keep these tips when selling privately. 

Finding Cash Buyers

Finding cash buyers is also beneficial to a great extent, even if you are selling the land privately. This can be a good thing that you try finding cash buyers in Jacksonville, Florida. This is because the cash buyers or companies will pay you the cash, and no agents or lenders are involved in the deal. 

This helps save the fees or commissions you would pay to the agents. Also, cash buyers can get you the best offers quickly, and you are still not obliged to accept them. But when you accept any offer, you can get the deal done within a few days and go away by taking your cash. 

Land for sell FL

Take Pictures Of Your Land In Florida.

If you sell your land on the market, you should do its marketing as much as possible. For example, you can take good pictures of your land to show it much more attractive to buyers. The more amazing the potential buyers find it, the more chances there are of selling your land fast. 

You can hire a professional photographer to take the best pictures of your land, as he knows what to focus on. Your pictures of your land should be bright, high quality, and attractive. There should be no focus on the problematic areas. 

Although this cannot be represented as any lie to the buyers, as there is enough time to discuss everything, you need to attract potential buyers for now. 

Social media

Using Social Media

After the great advancement of technology, social media platforms have become a great way of promotion. You can also use these platforms for promoting or marketing the sale of your land on the market. 

This way allows potential buyers to see your land for sale. This makes the marketing quick and easy as your land features can also be shared. To do this, make sure you have a profile on social media platforms; only then can you make contacts and share your land features.

Start by posting a link for sale and some of the good photographs you took earlier. Then, you can post it on several platforms at a single time. Using the correct hashtags, the people who don’t follow you can directly approach your post. 

You can check the same kind of posts and then start with your own if this is your first time doing this and you want some assistance. Then, you can share the link with your friends and other followers. 


Another great way of marketing your land for sale in the Florida market is to publish the sale details in local newspapers. This can attract many potential buyers, whether cash or market buyers. 

You can advertise in the classified sections or give a particular ad in the newspaper. This is a great way of reaching many buyers with simple things. 

Knowing About the Jacksonville Land Market

You understand the housing market well to get the best deal when you sell your house by yourself. Similarly, you should also analyze Jacksonville, Florida’s land market, if you sell your land. This can help you in getting the best land deal in a fast time. 

When you compare different land rates nearby your area, then you can get a proper analysis of the prices. First, you should check the nearby features, including buildings and overall square footage. But if you find the same kind of sale of land recently, then you get the price as per the market value. 

This can get you a better deal when analyzed properly. Therefore after a full and proper evaluation of the land market, you can decide whether to sell it for cash or on the market. 

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages of Selling 

When you decide to sell your land by yourself in Jacksonville, then there are several outcomes. First, you can face various pros and cons of selling the land. It would help if you considered these before finally selling the land. 

  • One of the main things which need to be considered is your knowledge about the process of real estate. This can work in your favor of you or against you. It would help if you learned more about the process to be able to give the answers to various questions. 
  • The buyer may ask you about different things related to the market prices or value, and if you are unaware of the answers, the deal is gone. So make sure you know your land deeds or fees or flow rates. 
  • Selling the land yourself may eliminate the need for an agent or middlemen. This further helps in cutting off commissions or fees. But this also means that you will need more expertise or guidance for selling the land. 
  • This can be great if you are confident enough that you can get the best deal without any agent. But if you are unsure, this can get you the worst deal and cause a huge loss. 
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Cost and Taxes Incurred On Selling

Various cost-related and tax-related considerations exist when you sell land by yourself in Jacksonville. The sale of land is the same as the sale of a home, but there is a difference based on the land’s depreciation. 

To estimate the cost and tax-related expenses, you must determine the land’s basis. This can be done the same way as you do to determine the cost basis of any property. You need to add the purchasing cost of your land and any capital cost you have incurred till now. Then, you will get the land basis number. 

For example, suppose you paid $300,000 to purchase a piece of land and then spent another $200,000 on capital improvements. Then your land basis number would be $500,000.

Please also clarify that the other expenses would be there. Several benefits can be reduced from the selling price when calculating the value of your land. These expenses may include transfer taxes, fees, commissions paid to agents, etc. 

The next important thing to remember is depreciation. You need to deduct depreciation from the overall value if there is any. However, the land does not depreciate, but the improvements can be depreciated. 

If the selling price of your land is $500,000 and you have paid $15,000 as commission and $20,000 as various costs, the sale basis number would be $465,000. Finally, to get the capital gain amount, you need to minus your actual purchase price from the number. The gain is subject to tax amount, so keep this thing in your mind.


Extra 7 tips to sell your land in Jacksonville, FL:

  • Research the local real estate market conditions and property values to set a fair price for your land.
  • Create professional-looking marketing materials such as flyers, brochures, and property photos to showcase your land’s features and potential uses.
  • Use online platforms like social media, real estate websites, and classifieds to promote your land and reach a wider audience.
  • Consider reaching out to developers, builders, and investors in the area who may be interested in purchasing your land for commercial or residential projects.
  • Make sure to have a clear title and all necessary documentation, like a survey and zoning approvals, ready for potential buyers to review.
  • Be prepared to negotiate the price and terms of the sale, and be flexible on the closing date and closing cost arrangements.
  • Consider hiring a real estate attorney to assist with the sale’s legal aspects.
  • Be ready for the process to take some time, as selling land alone may take longer than listing with a real estate agent.
  • Another tip for selling your land to cash buyers is to thoroughly research and vet potential buyers before entering into any agreements. It’s important to ensure that the buyer is legitimate and has the financial means to follow through with the purchase. This can be done by asking for proof of funds or checking their business or personal references. Additionally, it’s important to understand the terms of the sale, such as any contingencies or timelines, to ensure they align with your needs and expectations.
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