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Selling a House that Needs Rewiring in Jacksonville, Florida, in 2023

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Selling a house that needs rewiring can seem daunting, especially in a competitive real estate market like Jacksonville, Florida. However, it can be a smooth and profitable process with the right knowledge and strategy. This article will guide you through the ins and outs of selling a house that needs rewiring in Jacksonville, Florida, in 2023.

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Understanding the Jacksonville Housing Market

Before selling a house, it’s crucial to understand the current market conditions. According to the Jacksonville Housing Market Forecast for 2023, the real estate market in Jacksonville is expected to remain strong, with a steady increase in home values.

Did you know? Jacksonville’s home prices have been trending upward in recent years, with homes selling for a median price of $265,000 in 2020. For more insights into the Jacksonville housing market, check out our guide in our articles.

The Legal Aspects of Selling a House in Florida

When selling a house in Florida, being aware of the legal aspects is essential. According to Title 26, Section 1012 of the US Federal Law, the basis of property is generally its cost. This means that the original purchase price of the house, plus any improvements (like rewiring), forms the basis for calculating capital gains tax when the house is sold.

Pro tip: If the house has been your primary residence for at least two of the last five years, you may be eligible for an exclusion on the gain from the sale of your home, as per Title 26, Section 121. For more information on this and other legal aspects of selling a house, check out our real estate agent fees article.

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The Impact of Rewiring on Home Value

Rewiring a house can have a significant impact on its value. While it may seem costly, it can increase the house’s safety and functionality and appeal to potential buyers.

  • Safety: Old or faulty wiring can pose a fire hazard. By rewiring the house, you can assure potential buyers that the house is safe.
  • Functionality: Modern households have a high electricity demand. Rewiring can ensure that the house can meet these demands without any issues.
  • Appeal: Buyers are often willing to pay more for a house that doesn’t require immediate repairs or renovations.

The Cost of Rewiring a House in Jacksonville

The cost of rewiring a house can vary based on several factors, including the house’s size, the wiring’s complexity, and the rates of the electricians in the area. On average, rewiring a house in Jacksonville can cost between $8,000 and $15,000.

Did you know? Some insurance companies may offer houses with updated wiring lower premiums, which can be an additional selling point. For more tips on saving on home sales, check out our article on minimizing costs in Jacksonville home sales.

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How to Sell a House that Needs Rewiring

If you’re planning to sell a house that needs rewiring, here are some steps you can take:

  1. Get a professional inspection: Hire a licensed electrician to inspect the house’s wiring and provide a detailed report. This can help you understand the extent of the rewiring needed and the potential costs involved.
  2. Consider doing the rewiring: If the cost of rewiring is reasonable, consider getting it done before listing the house. This can increase the house’s appeal to buyers and potentially increase its selling price.
  3. Disclose the need for rewiring: If you choose not to do the rewiring, be sure to disclose this to potential buyers. Honesty is crucial in real estate transactions, and buyers appreciate transparency.
  4. Price the house accordingly: If the house needs rewiring, this should be reflected in the asking price. You can consult a real estate agent or a professional house buyer to determine a fair price.
  5. Market the house effectively: Highlight the positive aspects of the house in your marketing efforts. If the house is in a desirable location or has unique features, mention these in your listing.

Pro tip: Selling a house that needs rewiring can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. For more tips on selling a house fast, check out our article on the best ways to sell your home fast.


Selling a house that needs rewiring in Jacksonville, Florida, in 2023 may seem challenging. Still, it can be a smooth and profitable process with the right strategy and resources. Whether you rewire the house before selling or sell it as-is, being informed and prepared can make all the difference.

For more information on selling houses in Jacksonville, visit our Sell My House Fast Jacksonville homepage. We offer a wealth of resources and services to help you navigate the real estate market in Jacksonville, Florida.

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